Check here regularly for the latest resources for people with disabilities in Nunavut.


This list is far from exhaustive. If you know a website you think should be included, please let us know!

News and Community

Accessible Media Inc. – Based in Toronto and with offices across the country, Accessible Media Inc. produces a variety of programs and podcasts on issues facing people with disabilities in Canada and around the world. Check out their feature on Nunavut, including a visit to the Inclusion Cafe run by NDMS.

Ouch! – The BBC’s portal for news and podcasts about disabilities and mental health. The site contains lots of great, in-depth articles, funny videos, and thought-provoking commentary on a wide range of topics, including arts, technology, travel, employment, sex, and relationships.

Disability Scoop – Want to keep up-to-date on all the latest news on developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders? Then bookmark Disability Scoop! While many of their stories are geared towards an American audience, Disability Scoop is an invaluable resource for the developmental disabilities and ASD communities.

Ability Magazine – Check out the online home of the first disability-focused health and lifestyle magazine to hit newsstands. Going strong since 1990, Ability Magazine prides itself on embodying accessibility in both content and design. While you’ll have to sign up to view full articles on the site, membership is free!

Disability Horizons – Another great source for news and opinion pieces on topics important to the PwD community. Based in the UK, Disability Horizons sources stories from its community of readers, making this an online magazine written both for and by people with disabilities. Disability Horizons is known in particular for its coverage of accessible travel and the intricacies of dating and sex with a disability.

Scope – Scope is a UK-based charity that focuses on ensuring people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. Their site contains information, resources, and news on a variety of topics. They also have quite a robust online community and message board for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.

My Disability Matters – A social network run by and for people with disabilities.

Inclusive Employment Resources

Inclusive Employment means creating workplaces that have space for people with disabilities. Employers that practice inclusive hiring get employees who are passionate, dedicated, and dependable. Employees with disabilities have lower rates of turnover and absenteeism, and customers report that they’d rather give their money to businesses that employ people with disabilities. Below are some resources for employers who are considering inclusive hiring to staff positions.

Inclusive Hiring Business Case – outlines why hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense

Inclusive Hiring Business Case – Inuktitut

Inclusive Hiring Business Case – French

Inclusive Hiring Dispel Myths – looks at some of the common misperceptions employers may have about hiring people with disabilities

Inclusive Hiring Dispel Myths – Inuktitut

Inclusive Hiring Dispel Myths – French

Inclusive Hiring Success Stories – highlights some of the many success stories of inclusive employers and their employees

Inclusive Hiring Success Stories – Inuktitut

Inclusive Hiring Success Stories – French

Ready Willing & Able – This national pilot project seeks to help people with intellectual disabilities and those on the autism spectrum enter the labour force through employer education efforts and by providing job coaches for employees. NDMS is the territorial representative of the RWA project.

PATH Employment Services – An organization focused on helping people with disabilities find and maintain jobs. PATH is located in Ontario, but their site has a lot of helpful resources and information for employers, employees, and anyone else who wants to know more about inclusive employment

Job Accommodation Network – Many people with disabilities are able to work a variety of jobs with minimal extra supports; others need some form of accommodation or assistive device in order to be productive. The Job Accommodation Network is a great resource for employees needing to ask for an accommodation, and for employers looking to make their workplaces more accessible.

NDMS Publications

Basic Employability Skills Development for Nunavummiut with Disabilities – A guide for developing employability skills curriculum for people with disabilities. This guide is geared towards people with intellectual disabilities and/or severe mental health issues. To see the full curriculum, please visit

Social Enterprise Guide – A social enterprise is a business that has a social purpose as its primary mission. Research shows that social enterprises are particularly suited to providing employment to marginalized groups, such as people with disabilities. This guide was created specifically for those interested in establishing social enterprises to employ people with disabilities living in the north. The guide is based off of our experience running the Inclusion Cafe, a catering business staffed by our clients in Iqaluit. An executive summary of this guide is available in Inuktitut (Executive Summary Inuktitut) and French (Executive Summary French)

NDMS Inclusive Employment Roundtable 2016 Report – In September 2016, NDMS held a roundtable on Inclusive Employment during the Nunavut Trade Show and Conference in Iqaluit. This session was attended by 40 participants from across the territory. This document compiles the discussions and issues from this event.

NDMS Reports

To learn more about the activities carried out by NDMS, you can take a look at our progress reports. Names of clients have been removed to maintain their privacy.

NDMS Progress Report May-Oct 2016

NDMS Progress Report Nov-Jan 2016-17

NDMS Final Activity Report 2016-17

NDMS Community Visits

Last year, NDMS visited Pangnirtung, Baker Lake, and Rankin Inlet to carry out community consultations and help local organizations establish programs for people with disabilities. To find out more about these community visits, please consult the reports below

Pangnirtung Community Visit

Pangnirtung Community Visit – Inuktitut

Baker Lake and Rankin Inlet Community Visit